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Photo Shoot With 439 Photography

29 Jan

When I first walked into 439 Photography’s suite, I was welcomed in by an ecstatic Dawn Kingston, staring at her first image to be published on the cover of a magazine. With that instant positive energy, I knew I was in for a great shoot.

As I sat getting pretty for my first look, Dawn quickly set up for the shots and tousled my hair to be picture perfect. “It’s all about the hair,” she said, smiling-and with one look in the mirror, I knew she’d changed my mind. All this time, I’d thought it was all about the makeup, and had been disappointed in the work of other photographers in the past never thinking that just a little enhancement of my golden locks could change the entire tune

Being someone who has been in modeling a long time, I have certain angles in my head that focus much more on my body and less on my face. Dawn kept two constant reminders in my mind throughout the shoot: “Keep tossing that hair”, and “Chin down”. As I focused more and more on her guidance, I learned that not only does Dawn care about giving me quality shots as a client, but she truly does take pride and care to be sure every shot she takes has potential to be the best in the set-something that could, say, grace the cover of a magazine.

Sadly, the shoot was over before I knew it and I was back in my car reeling with excitement over when I’d get to see my shots from the work of a master, as she was back to her computer sending messages of joy over her latest achievement. When the shots did come in a few days later for me to choose, it literally took me two days to decide which I would have edited as I sat in a beautiful home on the water in between takes on the set of “Rot”. After asking nearly everyone’s advice in the room, I came to my final choices: ladies and gentleman, the final shots from my shoot with 439 Photography. are a rock star, can’t wait to work with you again!!


26 Jan

Just last week, I took myself for a drive to a beautiful golf course in Rhode Island to work on the set of my latest role of “Sarah” in “ROT”. Not only was the director, Ryan Bliss, welcoming and hospitable-but I learned he is crazy good at his job, too.

I have never been on a production where everything ran so smoothly in rooms filled with positive energy, from makeup (thanks Elizabeth Piper!) to editing (Rick Earnst came up with this fabulous poster). Not only did I enjoy a gorgeous view of the water as I ran over my lines with my movie boyfriend Cezar, but I enjoyed the presence of an adorable border collie that jumped up in my bed to wake me up for my call time. Overall, a great experience with a dedicated, professional and FUN cast and crew. Can’t wait to finish filming-and show you all what a masterpiece Mr. Bliss, Chuck and the team have put together! 740111_4866256490607_1287264126_o

Introducing My New!

4 Jan

Hey, I’m Emmalyn-welcome to my brand new website! This is one of the first goals I’ve set for my new year, and I’m lucky that with hard work and persistence it’s taken me only a few days to get this site up and running (also some help from my friends at I’m very excited to be able to have a space where I can go into detail blogging about all of the awesome projects I work on, from independent films to commercials and so very much more. My life is a rollercoaster in this industry, sometimes there is nothing going on and other times I find myself too busy to think straight outside of organizing my schedule, but I like it this way. There’s something very unique about each and every one of us in this industry, and I find it thrilling to meet so many different personalities as I venture through Boston as a professional actress.


I can’t say enough good things about my friends over at Model Club, Inc.-Andrew, Tim and the staff there have been very good to me and I’d like to take this moment to thank them for all of their hard work. I also thank my family and close friends for being so very supportive as I battle through a very tough career field where I’m constantly changing my mind in a thousand different directions, coming and going at odd hours and being completely unreliable if even the smallest gig comes up. But that’s what this is all about-taking every opportunity you can get your hands on and running with it, all the while being mindful of the things in life you can be grateful for.

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by. Come back again soon to see what I’ve been up to-it’s always interesting around here.