26 Jan

Just last week, I took myself for a drive to a beautiful golf course in Rhode Island to work on the set of my latest role of “Sarah” in “ROT”. Not only was the director, Ryan Bliss, welcoming and hospitable-but I learned he is crazy good at his job, too.

I have never been on a production where everything ran so smoothly in rooms filled with positive energy, from makeup (thanks Elizabeth Piper!) to editing (Rick Earnst came up with this fabulous poster). Not only did I enjoy a gorgeous view of the water as I ran over my lines with my movie boyfriend Cezar, but I enjoyed the presence of an adorable border collie that jumped up in my bed to wake me up for my call time. Overall, a great experience with a dedicated, professional and FUN cast and crew. Can’t wait to finish filming-and show you all what a masterpiece Mr. Bliss, Chuck and the team have put together! 740111_4866256490607_1287264126_o

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