Photo Shoot With 439 Photography

29 Jan

When I first walked into 439 Photography’s suite, I was welcomed in by an ecstatic Dawn Kingston, staring at her first image to be published on the cover of a magazine. With that instant positive energy, I knew I was in for a great shoot.

As I sat getting pretty for my first look, Dawn quickly set up for the shots and tousled my hair to be picture perfect. “It’s all about the hair,” she said, smiling-and with one look in the mirror, I knew she’d changed my mind. All this time, I’d thought it was all about the makeup, and had been disappointed in the work of other photographers in the past never thinking that just a little enhancement of my golden locks could change the entire tune

Being someone who has been in modeling a long time, I have certain angles in my head that focus much more on my body and less on my face. Dawn kept two constant reminders in my mind throughout the shoot: “Keep tossing that hair”, and “Chin down”. As I focused more and more on her guidance, I learned that not only does Dawn care about giving me quality shots as a client, but she truly does take pride and care to be sure every shot she takes has potential to be the best in the set-something that could, say, grace the cover of a magazine.

Sadly, the shoot was over before I knew it and I was back in my car reeling with excitement over when I’d get to see my shots from the work of a master, as she was back to her computer sending messages of joy over her latest achievement. When the shots did come in a few days later for me to choose, it literally took me two days to decide which I would have edited as I sat in a beautiful home on the water in between takes on the set of “Rot”. After asking nearly everyone’s advice in the room, I came to my final choices: ladies and gentleman, the final shots from my shoot with 439 Photography. are a rock star, can’t wait to work with you again!!

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