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The Search For The Perfect Headshot

12 May

It’s a dilemma every single actor/actress goes through..trying to find the perfect head shot. It’s incredibly frustrating to sit on that beautiful wooden bench of Boston Casting catching glimpses of the competition’s flawless shots, staring meekly back at your own half-decent image. That was how I felt for so long.

As a model for 9 years, I’d never really believed in paying for photos. I always was down for TFCD (yes, even using Model Mayhem), and once I decided to act as a career I pulled every resource I had from my hobby to try and get some staple head shots..but nothing was working. None of the shots seemed to come out the way I wanted, or the photographers didn’t seem to understand what I wanted much as I described what I was looking for. All I wanted was one great shot to please my finally, I caved in and decided to pay a pro.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I had recently taken my tax refund to splurge on a long overdue vacation in Las Vegas, and decided to throw some work in with my play when a Facebook friend recommended Killer Imaging of Las Vegas. Let me tell you..if I lived there, I wouldn’t use anybody else. If I could afford to fly there every month for updated head shots, I would happily pay for the ticket and cost of shots, because Jenna is an absolute pro! Her makeup artist knew exactly what I was looking for, and it was as if Jenna took one look at me and knew exactly what I wanted and how to shoot me. I came home happy with these two images..what do you think?? 

Credit: Killer Imaging

Credit: Killer Imaging