Selena Gomez Tour: CANCELLED

20 Dec

selenaSelena Gomez broke some pretty startling news last night for fans in Asia & Australia, cancelling a whopping thirteen shows from her “Stars Dance” tour and disappointing thousands worldwide. All sales will be refunded to fans for each of the cancelled shows.

“I need to spend some time on myself,” the starlet said, explaining that her fans are so important to her. “It has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be.” Well said, Selena, well said.

This couldn’t have been an easy decision for the star, cancelling an entire leg of her first world tour that she had once been so excited about, equating it to a “giant rave”. However, after being in the midst of performing and meet & greets at Z100’s “Jingle Ball” in New York and L.A., the young star went makeup-less following her statement to a friend’s house in L.A.. Gomez definitely may have needed to blow off some steam, between the rumors of her dissing Beiber’s music video vixen and the disaster at her Dec. 6th show. During her L.A. performance, Gomez ran into sound issues on stage, causing her some pretty serious frustration (and embarrassment). “F***! Sorry, the sound isn’t working…I promise, a lot cooler people are going to come out tonight.” (Can’t help but wonder who’s getting fired for that one.)

Don’t expect this break to be any form of hiatus, though: Gomez still plans to continue to do appearances and other light work.

Hats off to the young Selena for knowing when to take a break!

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