Who is Louie Bello?

12 Jan

louie1When I first came across Louie Bello on Facebook, I had no idea who this guy was. Sure, his name had a great ring to it and his profile picture looked like a pop star, but who really IS Louie Bello? In scouting for my next interview for my blog, I decided to find out. It was one of the better decisions I’ve made.

To get a feel for Bello’s musical talent, I would suggest that any newcomer to Louie Bello’s sound start by watching his latest music video, “Shotgun” (dir. by Ken Schmidt). Not only is it extremely well done in offering a carefree, Sunday-afternoon with the top down theme song, the track was also nominated for the 2013 Hollywood Music Media Award. When asked how that felt for him to be nominated for such a prestigious award, the handsome singer/songwriter was nothing if not humble. “They really made you feel nominated,” he explained, describing the feel of the red carpet and appreciation for his work all around.

Naturally, you’d think from watching the video that the song might be a love ballad about a past romance; a distant memory Bello was trying to recreate. Yet it goes to show just how talented Bello is when he casually described his whole inspiration for the song-the mere idea of someone calling “Shotgun”. “I remembered that from when we were kids,” he chuckled, thinking of the mere idea that has since become a masterpiece.

Small ideas sparking brilliant creative pieces is nothing new to the songwriter, however. Bello thought he struck gold when he signed a deal with Sony Records, writing for Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) and Aubrey Oday (Dannity Kane) several years ago. A friend was working with Kevin of the Backstreet Boys when he helped Louie in making the connection with Sony- one Bello now realizes was not necessary for his success. “I really thought I was going to have more things handed to me just by being signed,” he confessed, reflecting on what he’s learned over the years as a songwriter. “Then I realized, that wasn’t the case.” Despite his lesson, Bello insists the deal with Sony did not end with any bitter feelings, and the two have simply drifted apart over time.

Credit Dawn Kingston

Credit Dawn Kingston

For the moment, Bello explains he’s not exactly looking to jump into a new record deal after Sony. “At this point in my life, I’m in what I like to call the fan acquisition stage,” he explains. “Getting a record deal isn’t as important to me as my fan base.” The fan base that Bello has built is quite substantial-with nearly 2,000 likes on Facebook and 98,000 views on his “Chasing Rainbows” video, the singer/songwriter doesn’t let them ever leave his mind and knows that a strong fan base could be useful to him when the day comes for him to sign with the right label.

Despite the heartthrob image and killer talent, Louie also takes time out to offer his talents back to the community as Music Director for Sumner Elementary School in Boston. “I watched my father giving back to the community coaching youth hockey when I was a kid, and it made me want to do the same thing,” said Bello. He even decided to take his classes one step further by getting involved in Ernie Boch’s Music Drives Us program, assisting the Sumner Elementary School in becoming a two time recipient of awards resulting in a keyboard lab.

Yet the most important child in Louie Bello’s life would have to be his very own daughter. Seemingly on queue as I switched gears into asking how difficult it was to balance his personal and professional lives in such a demanding industry, a little girl’s voice was heard in the background. It became evident that Louie leads a busy life when I realized that throughout the duration of our phone interview, he had also been making mac and cheese with vegetables for his daughter. “It’s always about my two biggest passions,” he explains, of family and music. “It’s about balancing which meetings are important, and which ones you can kind of put off,” he says, with second phone ringing in the background. “Your family has to be very supportive of you-and I’m lucky, mine is. I wanted to support them by doing what I love.”

Bello says one thing he loves the most about being an artist is performing, and his connection with his fans. This might explain why, despite having a full-time job and a family to raise, the singer has miraculously found time to perform across the nation in California, New York, Florida, and all over New England this coming month (and that’s not even considered a tour). ” We tested different markets to see where we get the most bang for our buck to build off a fan base. The East Coast is my core fan base, so I may do a show in Philly or Washington D.C.. I love live shows more than anything.”

I didn’t know if I dare asked with so much already on his plate, but just to give fans something to look forward to I thought I’d find out what’s in the works currently for the singer. Not only is Louie Bello scheduled to perform in the South By Southwest concert in March, but fans can keep an eye out for not one, but two more music videos for “Talk About It” and “Take The Money”.

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