Why Boston Had A Crazier Wednesday Than You

5 Feb
Credit Boston Duck Tours

Credit Boston Duck Tours

After the New England Patriots took home the trophy on Sunday, we all knew it was coming: Mayor Marty Walsh was, despite the massive amounts of snow, going to give us a parade. While he warned us with caution to stay off the snowbanks and try to take the T, Mayor Walsh must have known that Bostonians really weren’t that concerned with anything more than a glimpse of our champions.

Naturally, Gronk delivered nothing short of a fiesta as he shotgunned beers leaning out the window of his duck boat as a pre-game for twerking atop the glorious chariot in a minion hat. Hard to top? Not really. For once the party boy had competition with Julian Edelman, who was caught by Boston Duck Tours taking a bottle to the face before even hitting the rally route. Edelman even stripped off his handsome sweater and stole Gronk’s move to spike it, ignoring the snow altogether. You would think with all of this going on that Brady might join in the festivities and join the team, but fortunately for Gisele he was far too busy cuddling the best looking baby in all of Boston: his own. (Check out this adorable photo!)

Following the parade, us Bostonians managed to get a few hours off to eat, sleep and recover before we started to head out to Royale to party with Lil’ Jon (who almost seemed like he had no idea what to make of us). Can we blame him? There we were, plowing through snowbanks blaring “Turn Down For What” in the middle of the day. By night, girls were rocking skirts and stilettos with weather in the mid-twenties trying to grasp one last victory party via one of Boston’s hottest nightclubs-with, of course, a Patriots pin on somewhere (hey, Pats gear meant $10 entry). We impressed Lil’ Jon. That says something.

So, how was your casual Wednesday?

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