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Emmalyn Anderson is a News Reporter for WMCT News and is signed with Model Club, Inc. talent agency in Boston. In working for both local and major media outlets, Emmalyn is committed to ethical storytelling in her journalism and takes pride in providing a platform to make known the needs of local communities. A graduate of Lasell College in 2011 with a degree in Journalism & Media Writing, Emmalyn is experienced in both integrating herself with smaller communities and competing in major markets. Her interviews include top artists like The Dropkick Murphys, going behind the scenes in the locker room with Bruins alum and telling the story of runners of the Boston Marathon in 2013, where she had herself been not far from the finish line.

Emmalyn’s previous experience includes working for media outlets such as NESN, Radio Disney, and Quantum Communications. She currently resides in Boston and spends her summers traveling as much as possible between her hometown of Falmouth, MA and her favorite place to escape: Martha’s Vineyard.

Meet Emmalyn & view her work here:

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