Out & About on Martha’s Vineyard

It’s no secret that Martha’s Vineyard has been a premier New England destination for decades (anyone who’s ever taken the ferry on a Friday can tell you that), and lately the Steamship Authority has had quite the time trying to accommodate the copious amounts of travelers back and forth. From notorious stars like Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, and many notable Presidents and members of Congress, anyone who’s anyone knows that MV is the place to be if you’re looking for a getaway. It’s the kind of place where everyone still dresses themselves and their little ones to the 9’s in their best Lilly Pulitzer (expect ALL of the Vineyard Vines pullovers and boat shoes), the shops and boutiques will find you something unique to bring home and brag about, and really there is not a bad view from anywhere you stand. It was no surprise when my co-host, Zoe Zandora, agreed to take a weekend with me to have this as our very first location for WMCT’s newest segment “Out & About”.

Follow us as we take you from the infamous light house on Lighthouse Beach to the vast orchards of Morning Glory Farms, and into Bad Martha’s Brewery to go behind the scenes with their Head Brewer, Jacobi Reid.

Mass Wildlife Hosts 2017 Open House

On Saturday, June 10th, Mass Wildlife Division of Fisheries and Wildlife held their second annual open house, welcoming the public to explore their grounds and exhibits.

Originally intended as a one-off event last year in celebration of their 150th anniversary, the open house attracted so many people that Jack Buckley, Director, decided to do it again. “We’ve had people from all over the country, and the world-Italy, Missouri, all right here in Westborough,” he explains. “It’s a great opportunity for people to be able to really see what we do and learn more about our programs.”

From archery to service dog training and a fun outdoor BBQ, the open house attracted all ages, all day.



Figawi Regatta Weekend 2017

Hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! Most of us can agree that up here in New England, the weather was a bit dreary..but that didn’t stop racers at the Figawi Regatta 2017 from getting out in the water.

WMCT followed the race closely on the press boat, Loose Cannon (shout out to Julie andimage1 John for being such amazing hosts!), to keep up with the racers and go a little bit behind the scenes. We know ALL about the infamous Figawi Tent Party, but wanted to learn more about what it’s like to be at that Hyannis starting line with over 200 boats surrounding you, what the prep work was that went into racing, and what some of the dangers are on the water.

We also stopped by the Figawi Charity Ball, which has been a crucial event in helping the Figawi Charity to raise over $200,000 per year to give out to local organizations that would otherwise go without.

To see the full story, watch the video below!



911 Silent Call Procedure-How It Works

It’s something that has been available for over a decade, and still to this day most people in an emergency wouldn’t think of it: the 911 Silent Call Procedure. We sat down with Officer Sargood of the Marlborough Police Department to learn how to make a call to 911 to communicate an emergency without saying a word. 

During the 911 silent call procedure which begins once the dispatcher has detected that you are not speaking, they will ask if you need police, fire or ambulance. Once you have made your selection, the dispatcher will ask you a series of specific yes or no questions to which you can respond by pressing numbers 4 or 5. 

2017 Veteran’s Fishing Derby 


2017 Veteran’s Fishing Derby  on YouTube

For over 30 years, Armed Forces Day at the Marlborough Fish & Game (MFG) Ponds has been a day reserved for one purpose: to honor and thank our Veterans for their service.

With the help of other local organizations like AmVets and Mass Wildlife, MFG is able to stock the pond, offer fishing equipment, provide lessons and give away cash prizes for catching a golden fish. “We invite veterans from all over the state-disabled, not disabled-to come down for a fun day of fishing & excitement, and we provide free food through donations, fish stocking, etc.” says Jason Grimes, Fishing Commissioner. “It is very important here at the MFG to honor our veterans on a day like today, and this is how we do it.”

In addition to a great atmosphere, food and good company, volunteers like Joe Bisol of the Mass Angler Wildlife Education program was standing by to offer lessons for those who could use extra guidance in fly fishing & bait casting. One of the best perks of the day? You get to keep what you catch! Yet regardless of if you come home with a full pail or a single trout, the message from MFG Club President David Devries is clear: “We’re out here today to say thank you and honor our Veterans.”

The Boston Calendar Show-What is TBC?

As many of you may have heard (or, maybe you’ve been too busy enjoying the ever so sexy first week of summer), The Boston Calendar Show has come to town and we’re here to help with the most difficult decision you’ll make all week: what to do with your weekend! We’ve got a team of correspondents who scour the city for event’s that we can guarantee don’t suck, and they take turns pitching their ideas to determine where we should send the team to cover it. So..what won this week? Take a look for yourself:

10 Things Americans Should Know About Dublin

Back in May, I was PUMPED to travel to Europe for the fist time. Destination: Dublin, Ireland. Boyfriend, passports and excitement in tow, I packed my bags and jumped on Aer Lingus for a trip that quite literally changed my perspective on life itself. I learned the fun way the ins and outs of the lush green land-for better or for worse. Here’s what I bestow to you as a traveling gift should you ever hit Dublin.

  1. Buses: They show up when and where they want to, sometimes not at all. They only take coins and DO NOT EVEN TRY walking while it’s moving (unless forced to). This may sound rash, but walking whilst the bus is in motion is worse than catching the MBTA on a snow day.
  2. Don’t pay for the train. Nobody does and nobody cares about it, either. How it stays running is a mystery to me.
  3. Adapters do not work for hair care. Yes, my long blonde locks suffered all through this trip after I damn near set the hotel room on fire trying to heat up my curlers. Apparently, the electrical currents are so different they fried not only my $250 Chi Limited Edition Guitar Hero Straightener but also my Conair Hot Rollers. RIP.
  4. People are nice. Like, unusually nice. If they bump into you, it’s a thousand apologies and very backwards to our culture, this kindness is magnified when they drink. Two girls literally stopped on the street to offer directions to us because my boyfriend and I were looking confused, and it actually inspired me to be kinder to the lost French people I would generally dart around and roll my eyes at in Faneuil Hall.
  5. People in Ireland eat normally. We’ll go out at 10-11:00 and grab some nachos and beer. In Ireland, food does not disrupt the drinking process. Luckily, if you’re starving as we were, they offer “chips” (aka bags of peanuts) from the bar. You’re best off going into the street and getting “takeaway” if you’re at that point where pizza is an absolute necessity.
  6. Hotels do not provide complimentary toiletries. That’s one thing about us Americans, we’re excessive and expect that for what we pay we get free shampoo and loads of lotion to bring back that we’ll most likely never use again. Be prepared here to bring your own, and do your best to cope with the fact that they also do not provide hair dryers or irons.
  7. Everyone in the city swears. EVERYONE. And drinks tea.
  8. Wi-fi and Voxer are your new bffs. Forget about calling cards or burner phones or paying buku money for a Verizon travel plan, just be patient on getting wi-fi (which is free or cheap nearly anywhere). This way, you can pick and choose who you want to talk to, upload photos and not pay for ridiculous plans. But, like one bartender called me out on as I took advantage of his wi-fi, “Get off yer phone. Yer on vacation, lads!”
  9. The amount of attractive males WAY outnumbers the women. Ratio is unbelievable. Unlike a typical Saturday night in America where we dress up like it’s prom every weekend, Irish girls go out casually in flip flops, jeans and messy buns. They don’t give a damn, and feel any need to impress any of the drop dead gorgeous guys all over the place. After all, they’re gonna hit on them either way, right? Somehow, it was possible for ME to be the one out of place in a night club in a dress and heels. Also, It’s f***ing cold. This probably makes sense as to why girls don’t dress up at night. Don’t try to be all adorable like I did, kids, with your cute shorts and skirts with flowy tops that make you look like you just stepped out of a Wanelo ad. This girl did that, and found herself rotating her one pair of “just in case” jeans and khakis every other day. Pants and coats are essential-especially a raincoat. Carry one at ALL TIMES.
  10. They will over feed you. Values there are different; it’s more about good food and spending quality time together. Not so much about a quick, filling meal then back to the grind like we’re used to. That’s partially why we Americans are so miserable-we don’t sit and appreciate each other’s company as often as we should. We’re always in a rush to one up someone and advance before they one up us. Life is a constant race, battle for the highest success. There, life is about memories and quality time with people. One Englishman who spent time there put it best, in a quote that helped to change part of my perspective on life: “In Europe, we work to live. In America, you live to work and go home surrounded by your things. Sitting and watching TV every night with one person is boring. When our days are done, everyone goes to someone’s house and we relax. It’s about company.”